Clients I have worked with

What my clients say


I'd have no hesitation working with Andy or recommending him.


Karl Burnett, HR Director

"Andy exudes a professional calm and confidence in an articulate, engaging way but what I most appreciate is his humour and bright persona that makes him a joy to be around."


Matt Westrup – A+E Networks

"Andy is focused, extremely practical, and not afraid to throw himself into a project, to get the job done. And on top of all of that, he’s really fun to work with."


Juliet Bayliss – Globecast

"I often think of my ‘dream team’ line-up when delivering those hospital-pass projects that skip our way...Andy makes my list every time."


Emma McCarthy – BBC Studios

"Andy can translate complex technical processes and ideas into a clear narrative, easy for the non-technical to follow. He has an acute sense of the absurd and is simply fun to work with."


Karen Harrison – CFO, Technology & Media

"I was Immediately struck by Andy’s no-nonsense attitude delivered in a manner that 5 made me immediately warm to him. In short he’s is the sort of guy you want delivering your project."


Ian Baker – Helecloud