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Art Gallery Film

Art Gallery Film

I’ve just spent an enjoyable afternoon afternoon voicing an abstract, gothic and poetic piece – Syposium of Plato – for a fashion film project about identity, self-cognition and self-expression.

The whole film is about a person meeting others as he tries to find his true love, but finally, he discovers that all the people he has met are his own identities.

The first passage was a romantic, poetic piece, the second abstract and worried and the third required me to sound terrified and almost screaming for help. So, a real test of my ability to emote and deliver an unnatural script – without seeing the visuals or hearing the music (which is being composed simultaneously).

Thankfully my studio is pretty well soundproofed, or my neighbours would have heard me yelling “heal me!!!!” about a hundred times as I recorded and edited!

The film will be exhibited in art gallery and used in social media, magazines and even a film festival submission. I’ll let you know if I get to see it!

Not a lot of people know that!

Not a lot of people know that!

It never ceases to amaze me what I get to read out loud for a living.

In the last month there’s been home security products, a short piece for a film, a piece on airport expansion, a coach company promo, medical products, finance and insurance (I get a lot of that!) and a piece for a power tool manufacturer.

I now know more than I need to about syringes with self-retracing needles, the footfall of a London airport, the importance of cyber security to financial organisations and safety standards of screwdrivers which need to be delivered just in time to stores.

Sadly though, none of this ever comes up in a pub quiz.